Benedikt Schürer

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Nanostructured particles containing noble metals can have highly tunable localized surface plasmon resonances and are therefore of particular interest for numerous applications. Nanoshells comprising a dielectric core and gold or silver shell are a widely researched systems because of the strong dependence of their optical properties on the ratio of core(More)
Thrombocytes are activated by shearing and influence possibly the flow properties of blood. Erythrocytes resuspended in platelet poor plasma show a significantly increased deformability as well as reduced aggregability after addition of ADP as well as adrenaline in comparison with control. In platelet rich plasma the aggregation of erythrocytes becomes(More)
The identification of defects and their controlled generation in titanate nanostructures is a key to their successful application in photoelectronic devices. We comprehensively explored the effect of vacuum annealing on morphology and composition of Na(2)Ti(3)O(7) nanowires and protonated H(2)Ti(3)O(7) nanoscrolls using a combination of scanning electron(More)
The imaging and quantification of droplet sizes in sprays is a challenging task for optical scientists and engineers. Laser sheet dropsizing (LSDS) combines the two-dimensional information of two different optical processes, one that is proportional to the droplet volume and one that depends on the droplet surface, e.g., Mie scattering. Besides Mie(More)
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