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—Mobile data traffic, particularly mobile video, grows at an unprecedented pace. Despite recent advances at the physical layer, today's wireless network infrastructure cannot keep up with this growth. This is partially due to the missing flexibility to adapt the physical layer continuously to best support both application level as well as network(More)
Five studies were conducted to determine 1) the time period required for the equilibration of deuterium oxide (D2O) in body water in neonatal pigs following the intravenous (iv), intramuscular (im) or intraperitoneal (ip) injection of D2O and 2) the accuracy and precision of estimating body water, protein, fat and ash in neonatal pigs from the body D2O pool(More)
We describe the implementation of a parameter estimation method suitable for models commonly used in quantitative finance. The Continuum-Generalized Method of Moments (CGMM) is a Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) type of methodology that applies a continuum of moment conditions to achieve the efficiency of a Maximum Likelihood method. Instead of the(More)
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