Benedikt Lauber

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Seven mesothelioma cell lines, established from patients with pleural mesothelioma, exhibited substantial heterogeneity regarding in vitro morphology and growth characteristics. Media conditioned by these cell lines and by MeT5A normal mesothelial cells were examined for (i) colony formation on human bone-marrow cells, (ii) hematopoietic growth-factor(More)
There is an ongoing discussion about how to improve jump performance most efficiently with plyometric training. It has been proposed that drop height influences the outcome, although longitudinal studies are missing. Based on cross-sectional drop jump studies showing height-dependent Hoffmann (H)-reflex activities, we hypothesized that the drop height(More)
PURPOSE In the current study, we measured EMG suppression induced by subthreshold transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to investigate the effects of sustained cycling exercise on intracortical inhibition. METHODS Sixteen subjects cycled at 75% of their maximum workload (Wmax) for 30 min, during which subthreshold TMS was applied at a defined crank(More)
Malignant cells frequently acquire a certain independency of exogenous growth factors via the coexpression of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and epidermal growth factor (EGF)-related molecules. In the present study we investigate a possible involvement of EGF-related molecules in the growth of human lung mesothelioma. Four well-characterised cell(More)
In the search for new therapeutic concepts in lung cancer chemotherapy, suramin, a potential anticancer drug which evades multidrug resistance, was tested in vitro on 25 lung-derived cell lines, either non-tumorigenic cells, or established cell lines from five different tumour types. Suramin treatment resulted in a time- and dose-dependent decrease in(More)
The pleural human mesothelioma cell line ZL5 established in our laboratory exhibits an unusual phenotype with adherent and floating cells. ZL5 cells grow in a chemically defined medium (ACL3*) and can be maintained over 3 weeks in protein-free basal medium alone (RPMI). Basal medium conditioned by ZL5 cells possesses a mitogenic activity with an autocrine(More)
The developmental behavior of cloned histone genes of Psammechinus miliaris was studied by injection into eggs of two related sea urchin species followed by fertilization. All five early histone genes were faithfully expressed in early blastula embryos as shown by SP6 RNA mapping. A 5-10 times lower expression rate was estimated for the injected early H2A(More)
Simultaneous performance of a postural and a concurrent task is rather unproblematic as long as the postural task is executed in an automatic way. However, in situations where postural control requires more central processing, cognitive resources may be exceeded by the addition of an attentionally demanding task. This may lead to interference between the(More)
The present study aimed to elucidate whether the type of feedback influences the performance and the motor cortical activity when executing identical visuomotor tasks. For this purpose, time to task failure was measured during position- and force-controlled muscular contractions. Subjects received either visual feedback about the force produced by pressing(More)
BACKGROUND Despite massive research efforts, it remains unclear how mechanical ankle instability (MAI) and functional ankle instability (FAI) affect joint control in the situation of ankle sprain. Thus, the purpose of this study was to evaluate whether individuals with MAI have deficits in stabilising their ankle joint in a close-to-injury situation(More)