Benedikt Fischer

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Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) aim to efficiently provide the radiologists with all images in a suitable quality for diagnosis. Modern standards for digital imaging and communication in medicine (DICOM) comprise alphanumerical descriptions of study, patient, and technical parameters. Currently, this is the only information used to select(More)
The objective of this work is to develop a general structure for semantic image analysis that is suitable for content-based image retrieval in medical applications and an architecture for its efficient implementation. Stepwise content analysis of medical images results in six layers of information modeling (raw data layer, registered data layer, feature(More)
Content-based image retrieval requires a formal description of visual information. In medical applications, all relevant biological objects have to be represented by this description. Although color as the primary feature has proven successful in publicly available retrieval systems of general purpose, this description is not applicable to most medical(More)
Recent research has suggested that there is no general similarity measure, which can be applied on arbitrary databases without any parameterization. Hence, the optimal combination of similarity measures and parameters must be identified for each new image repository. This optimization loop is time consuming and depends on the experience of the designer as(More)
This paper presents a technical framework to support the development and installation of system for content-based image retrieval in medical applications (IRMA). A strict separation of feature extraction, feature storage, feature comparison, and the user interfaces is suggested. This allows to reuse implemented components in different retrieval algorithms,(More)
The classification and measuring of objects in medical images is important in radiological diagnostics and education, especially when using large databases as knowledge resources, for instance a picture archiving and communication system (PACS). The main challenge is the modeling of medical knowledge and the diagnostic context to label the sought objects.(More)
It is widely accepted that content-based image retrieval (CBIR) can be extremely useful for computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). However, CBIR has not been established in clinical practice yet. As a widely unattended gap of integration, a unified data concept for CBIR-based CAD results and reporting is lacking. Picture archiving and communication systems and the(More)
A combination of several classifiers using global features for the content description of medical images is proposed. Beside well known texture histogram features, downscaled representations of the original images are used, which preserve spatial information and utilize distance measures which are robust with regard to common variations in radiation dose,(More)
BACKGROUND Radiologists' training is based on intensive practice and can be improved with the use of diagnostic training systems. However, existing systems typically require laboriously prepared training cases and lack integration into the clinical environment with a proper learning scenario. Consequently, diagnostic training systems advancing(More)