Benedicte Meyer

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We have analysed 3380 chromosomes (1690 unrelated individuals) from twenty-four populations for the presence of factor V Leiden, an important risk factor in venous thromboembolism. The allele frequency in 618 Europeans was 4.4%, with the highest prevalence among Greeks (7%). It was 0.6% in Asia Minor. Factor V Leiden was not found in any of 1600 chromosomes(More)
In a prospective randomised trial, 249 patients who had aortocoronary vein bypass surgery were assigned either to a platelet inhibitory drug regimen or to standard anticoagulant therapy. Treatment was replaced by placebo in half of the patients in each group after 3 months. The platelet inhibitory drug regimen--very low-dose aspirin combined with(More)
Earlier studies have shown that genetic variability in the SLC6A4 gene encoding the serotonin transporter (5-HTT) may be important for the re-uptake of serotonin (5-HT) in the central nervous system. In the present study we investigated how the 5-HTT genotype i.e. the short (S) versus long (L) 5-HTTLPR allele and the SNP rs25531 A > G affect the physical(More)
Construction of vascular anastomoses by manual suturing is a highly skilled and time-consuming procedure. The St Jude Medical Anastomotic Technology Group has developed a sutureless mechanical anastomosis device, which, when tested in animals, produced anastomoses in less than 3 min and with little training. Here we present the results of the first clinical(More)