Benedict Kemper

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The ligation of gold(I) metalloamphiphiles with biomolecules is reported, using water-soluble AuI -N-alkynyl substituted maleimide complexes. For this purpose, two different polar ligands were applied: 1) a neutral, dendritic tetraethylene glycol-functionalized phosphane and 2) a charged, sulfonated N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC). The retro Diels-Alder(More)
The combination of attractive supramolecular interactions of a hydrophobic AuI-metallopeptide with the shielding effect of flexible oligoethylene glycol chains provides access to a stepwise self-assembly of a AuI-metalloamphiphile in water. Kinetic control of the supramolecular polymer morphology is achieved using a temperature-dependent assembly protocol,(More)
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