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The authors report a case of unilateral xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis, associated with chronic lithiasis studied by standard clinical magnetic resonance imaging protocol and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Maps of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) and fractional anisotropy (FA) and tractography were reconstructed on both healthy and pathologic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The shortage in organ supply has required the use of expanded criteria donors (ECD) for kidney transplantation. Current pre-transplant evaluations of ECD organs are based on histological, clinical or mixed criteria. This monocentric study investigates the predictivity of Karpinski's histological score on 3-year graft function in renal(More)
We compared tissue hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA polymerase chain reaction quantification and HCV immunohistochemistry (IHC) to histology in biopsy tissues in order to differentiate between acute rejection and HCV hepatitis recurrence early after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). We analyzed the first biopsy performed because of alteration of serum(More)
A patient with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) receiving second-line treatment with sunitinib developed edema, increase of the serum creatinine, weight gain, nephrotic syndrome with proteinuria of 12 g/24 h, dyslipidemia, hypoalbuminemia and also presented with hypertension. A kidney biopsy showed an immunocomplex glomerulonephritis. Steroid(More)
Prostate cancer (CaP) represents the most prevalent malignancy in men more than 60-year-old, posing a problem in organ procurement from elderly subjects. However, most of the currently diagnosed CaP are low-grade and intraprostatic, with low metastatic risk, and there is recent evidence that most patients are overdiagnosed. The Italian National guidelines(More)
Patients with liver disease or systemic pathology are more prone to develop portal vein thrombosis. Non-neoplastic thrombosis is characterised by absence of intrathrombotic perfusion, corresponding to marked hypoechogenicity at contrast-enhanced ultrasound. We report two cases of portal vein thrombosis in which contrast-enhanced ultrasound showed marked(More)
Polyomavirus-associated nephropathy (PVAN) has become an important cause of graft loss in the last few years. The typical course of PVAN is characterized by an asymptomatic period of viruria followed, within weeks, by the development of viremia in the context of stable renal function. The persistence of viral replication characterized by high viremia, leads(More)
Lymphoproliferative disorders often involve the kidney either by direct cell infiltration (lymphoma) or by deposition of paraproteins (monoclonal gammopathy, multiple myeloma, LCDD, amyloidosis). Nowadays the latter phenomenon seems to be the most common as a result of the growing number of elderly people affected by monoclonal gammopathies. The nephrotoxic(More)
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