Benedek Gy. Plósz

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BACKGROUND Monitoring the scale of pharmaceuticals, illicit and licit drugs consumption is important to assess the needs of law enforcement and public health, and provides more information about the different trends within different countries. Community drug use patterns are usually described by national surveys, sales and seizure data. Wastewater-based(More)
OBJECTIVE Exploring neural activity behind synchronization and time locking in brain circuits is one of the most important tasks in neuroscience. Our goal was to design and characterize a microelectrode array (MEA) system specifically for obtaining in vivo extracellular recordings from three deep-brain areas of freely moving rats, simultaneously. The target(More)
Wastewater analysis has been demonstrated to be a complementary approach for assessing the overall patterns of drug use by a population while the full potential of wastewater-based epidemiology has yet to be explored. F2-isoprostanes are a prototype wastewater biomarker to study the cumulative oxidative stress at a community level. In this work,(More)
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