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This paper presents a unified framework for automatically detecting and tracking dim small targets in infrared (IR) image sequence under complex backgrounds. Firstly, the variance weighted information entropy (variance WIE) followed by a region growing technique is introduced to segment the candidate targets in a single-frame IR image after background(More)
Image fusion aims to merge two or more images captured via various sensors of the same scene to construct a more informative image by integrating their details. Generally, such integration is achieved through the manipulation of the representations of the images concerned. Sparse representation plays an important role in the effective description of images,(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel object tracking method that can work well in challenging scenarios such as appearance changes, motion blurs, and especially partial occlusions and noise. Our method applies bilateral two-dimensional principal component analysis (Bi-2DPCA) for efficient object modeling and real-time computation requirement. An incremental(More)
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