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In contrast to ureterosigmoidostomy no reliable clinical data exist for tumor risk in different forms of urinary diversion using isolated intestinal segments.In 44 German urological departments, operation frequencies, indications, patient age, and operation dates of the different forms of urinary diversion, operated between 1970 and 2007, could be(More)
The Piezolith 2200 as an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter uses piezoelectrically generated, high-energy sonic impulses for treatment of urinary calculi; the shock wave generator is self-focussing. Localization of concrements is performed by means of ultrasound imaging. Treatment with the Piezolith 2200 is painless for the patient and thus possible(More)
PURPOSE radical cystectomy remains the most effective treatment for patients with localized, invasive bladder cancer and recurrent noninvasive disease. We report our experience with 84 consecutive cases of robotic assisted laparoscopic radical cystectomy with regard to perioperative results, pathological outcomes and surgical complications. MATERIALS AND(More)
Eight well-trained males carried out squat jump and countermovement jump with large (SJL and CMJL) and with small (SJS and CMJS) range of motion to study the influence of trunk position on joint recruitment pattern and jumping height. The main criteria in SJS and CMJS were to maintain trunk in near vertical position during execution. Joint angles,(More)
A tumor embolism with occlusion of the left pulmonary artery was the first manifestation of a hypernephroma. After angiographic diagnosis, embolectomy was performed successfully using the heart-lung-machine. Four days later, nephrectomy followed. In the meantime, the patient has experienced a period of 3 years free of symptoms and metastases.
Malignant tumors are often accompanied by increased risk for procoagulant activity, thrombosis and embolism. As a marker indicating such disturbancies is D-dimer, a product of fibrinolysis. In this retrospective study almost 300 patients with malignant tumors were evaluated. During LMWH treatment (as thromboprophylaxis) the highest frequency of VTE with(More)
Since the introduction of ureterosigmoidostomy 79 cases of adenocarcinomas of the sigmoid near the implantation site of the ureters were described. Clinical and experimental data indicate that the excretion of urine and faeces together leads to endogenous nitrosamine synthesis and thus induces carcinomas. Other factors--like carcinogens excreted with the(More)
In the present study we investigated displacement, time, velocity and acceleration history of center of mass (COM) and electrical activity of knee extensors to estimate the dominance of the factors influencing the vertical velocity in squat jumps (SJs), countermovement jumps (CMJs) and drop jumps (DJs) performed with small (40°) and large (80°) range of(More)
In a third information of our long-term study with now 304 cases we report on 54 cases with monotherapy-only orchiectomy, only hormones and combination of boths. With it the rectal palpable results have coincided significantly with the histological findings in all 3 therapeutic forms. As for the therapeutic result no difference is to be seen either(More)