Benard Aswani Ouna

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CCCH-type zinc finger proteins have various roles in RNA metabolism. We here analysed the functional relevance of two such proteins from Trypanosoma brucei, TbZC3H12 and TbZC3H13. Each protein has a single CCCH motif very similar to those seen in metazoan proteins that regulate mRNA degradation. TbZC3H12 is expressed in bloodstream form parasites at low(More)
In mammalian cells, the degradation of mRNAs that have AU-rich elements in their 3'-untranslated regions is accelerated by the binding of proteins that contain two CCCH-zinc-finger-domains. Three CCCH zinc-finger proteins, TbZFP1, TbZFP2, and TbZFP3, have been shown to have roles in trypanosome differentiation. We here studied another protein, ZC3H18, which(More)
The Paf complex of Opisthokonts and plants contains at least five subunits: Paf1, Cdc73, Rtf1, Ctr9, and Leo1. Mutations in, or loss of Paf complex subunits have been shown to cause defects in histone modification, mRNA polyadenylation, and transcription by RNA polymerase I and RNA polymerase II. We here investigated trypanosome CTR9, which is essential for(More)
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