Benafsh Husain

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In this paper, we present an analysis of gallium nitride (GaN) quantum-well (QW) laser diode (LD) by numerical simulation. Here we discuss three aspects that are crucial to our analysis. First, the transverse mode pattern is studied, and our current GaN diode laser structure is discussed with optical waveguide mode analysis. Then we compare the QW design of(More)
Integration of audio and video signals for automatic speech recognition has become an important field of study. The AudioVisual Speech Recognition (AVSR) system is known to have accuracy higher than audio-only or visual-only system. The research focused on the visual front end and has been centered around lip segmentation. Experiments performed for lip(More)
Understanding performance data, and more specifically memory access pattern is essential in optimizing scientific applications. Among the various factors affecting performance, such as the hardware architecture, the algorithms, or the system software stack, performance is also often related to the applications' physics. While there exists a number of(More)
Parallel distributed systems are widely used for dealing with massive data sets and high performance computing. Securing parallel distributed systems is problematic. Centralized security tools are likely to cause bottlenecks and introduce a single point of failure. Exascale storage systems should have advantages in performance and flexibility over(More)
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