Ben du Toit

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We compared the chemical composition of wood fibres and fibre surfaces of several eucalypt species and hybrids originating from various growth sites in South Africa. The objective was to test for differences in chemical surface composition due to genetics or site with the ultimate aim to facilitate a tailor-made supply of wood for pulping that results in an(More)
Plant area index (PAI) measured with a LI-COR LAI-2000 plant canopy analyser (PCA) was calibrated with leaf area index (LAI) in a young stand of Eucalyptus grandis in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa. Destructive sampling and allometric equations were used to estimate LAI at 2 and 3 years after planting. Significant correlations (P<0.001) were found(More)
Forests growing on highly weathered soils are often phosphorus (P) limited and competition between geochemical and biological sinks affects their soil P dynamics. In an attempt to elucidate the factors controlling the relative importance of these two sinks, we investigated the relationship of between soil microbial growth kinetics and soil chemical(More)
Biomass and carbon stocks are key information criteria to understand the role of forests in regulating global climate. However, for a bio-rich continent like Africa, ground-based measurements for accurate estimation of carbon are scarce, and the variables affecting the forest carbon are not well understood. Here, we present the first biomass study conducted(More)
Southern Africa, and specifically its western parts is dominated by low rainfall areas, and it is expected that the rainfall in most of these parts will in future decrease further due to climate change. Woodlots of fast-growing, non-invasive tree species can provide the opportunity to produce wood and release the pressure on natural woodlands, while(More)
Despite the importance of urban trees, their growth reaction to climate change and to the urban heat island effect has not yet been investigated with an international scope. While we are well informed about forest growth under recent conditions, it is unclear if this knowledge can be simply transferred to urban environments. Based on tree ring analyses in(More)
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