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The increasing demand for on-line measurement of milk composition directs science and industry to search for practical solutions, and biosensors may be a possibility. The specific objective of this work was to develop an electrochemical biosensor to determine lactose concentration in fresh raw milk. The sensor is based on serial reactions of three(More)
An image-processing algorithm, applied to images of common carp (Cyprinus carpio), St. Peter’s fish (Oreochromis sp.) and grey mullet (Mugil cephalus), successfully discriminated among the species. Fish images were acquired while they were swimming in an aquarium with their side to the camera. The algorithm was based on the method of moment-invariants (MI)(More)
Porat, Y, Zohary E. 2016. Practice Improves Peri-saccadic Shape Judgment but does not Diminish Target Mislocalization. [1]. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113:46. Abstract [2] Visual sensitivity is markedly reduced during an eye movement. Peri-saccadic vision is also characterized by a mislocalization of the briefly presented stimulus closer to the saccadic(More)
The theory of multiresolution decomposition and wavelets is used to study the effective properties of a thin elastic plate with surface mass density or stiffness heterogeneity, subjected to time-harmonic forcing. The heterogeneity possesses microand macro-scale variations, and has a macroscale outer dimension. It is shown that the microscale mass variation(More)
Upon mitogenic stimulation of normal lymphocytes, a number of protooncogenes are induced (l, 2), which led to the supposition that expression of some oncogenes is involved in cell division . Some of these oncogenes are, however, expressed by other stimuli that induce differentiation . Mitogenic and antigenic stimulation of T lymphocytes leads to cellular(More)
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