Ben-Zion Krimchansky

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OBJECTIVE The goal of the study was to look for the response of treatment with increasing doses of dopaminergic medication on the recovery of vegetative state patients post-TBI. DESIGN A prospective study of eight patients aged 25-50 years in vegetative state (VS) of mean duration of 104 days following traumatic brain injury (TBI) was performed by(More)
Nowadays more and more patients survive severe brain injury, whether due to traumatic or other causes, owing to the technological advances in medicine. Added to this is a better understanding of pathophysiologic processes, the quality and availability of emergency medicine, and increased medical knowledge in the field. More patients are regaining(More)
s from the ASENT 2007 Annual Meeting March 5–8, 2007 Poster Abstract #1: Passive and Active Functional Tasks Are the Main Reasons for Treatment of Upper Limb Spasticity in Post-Stroke Patients Among Neurologists, Physiatrists, and Primary Care Physicians Amanda M. VanDenburgh, Susan Abu-Shakra, Mitchell F. Brin, and Frederick Beddingfield III Allergan,(More)
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