Ben-Zion Chor

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our protocol requires O(n) bits of communication for arbitrary > 0, the resulting protocol also needs only O(n 0) communication. Suppose that the database contains n `-bit \strings" s 1 ; : : :; s n. The user has some string s and he wishes to nd an address i such that s i = s or to learn that such an address does not exist, without revealing to the(More)
We demonstrate that the random oracle hypothesis is false by prov­ ing that for a random oracle A it is true that I'p.A. :I 'PS'PACe.A. (which stands in contrast to Shamir's recent result that I'P = 'PS'PACe). In fact we can prove that for a random oracle A: coN'P A rt. I'P.A.. The re­ sults extend to the multi-prover proof systeIIlB of Ben-Or, Goldwasser,(More)
A theory of learning simple concepts under simple distributions and average case complexity for the universal distribution. 23 condition. Progress in this direction would help to classify easy and hard distributions for SAT. Finally we remarked in 52 that for a.e. random 3-CNF instance with m n 2 clauses over n variables a short refutation exists. Chvv atal(More)
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