Ben-Zion Barta

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Physiological changes in the nervous system occur with ageing. Both a decline of function and a decrease in the number of C-fibres in the skin have been reported for healthy aged subjects. With the use of microneurographic recordings from single C-fibres in humans we have compared the sensory and axonal properties of these neurones in young and aged healthy(More)
"The article reports on the International Population Forum organized by the United Nations Population Fund held in Amsterdam from 6 to 9 November 1989. The authors analyse the world population problems within this framework. The population changes and related demands, environmental problems, the development of national population policies, the necessity(More)
Between 1978 and 1991, 31 patients with primary (n = 28) and recurrent (n = 3) ependymoma received external radiation after initial surgery. There were 26 cases of intracranial and five cases of spinal ependymoma. Histological grading revealed low-grade in 23 and high-grade tumors in eight patients. Craniospinal irradiation was given to 13 of 28 patients,(More)
This study is concerned with social problems related to urbanization in Hungary over the past 20 years. The author examines the components of urban growth and the impact of urbanization on the age and sex characteristics of the urban population and on the primary vital statistics indicators. The impact of urbanization on the social and occupational(More)
Authors emphasize the importance of "usage-modelling" test concerning the uniformity of doses in the case of aerosol formulations, containing propellants or supplied with atomising devices. Weight measurement was carried out to identify the uniformity of doses per actuation keeping non-use periods in the case of water-based solutions with different density(More)