Ben Zhong Tang

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Long-term noninvasive cell tracing by fluorescent probes is of great importance to life science and biomedical engineering. For example, understanding genesis, development, invasion and metastasis of cancerous cells and monitoring tissue regeneration after stem cell transplantation require continual tracing of the biological processes by cytocompatible(More)
Carbon nanotube-containing poly(phenylacetylenes) (NT/PPAs) are prepared by in situ polymerizations of phenylacetylene catalyzed by WCl6-Ph4Sn and [Rh(nbd)Cl]2 (nbd) 2,5-norbornadiene) in the presence of the nanotubes. it is found that the nanotubes in the NT/PPAs are helically wrapped by the PPA chains. The short nanotubes thickly wrapped in the PPA chains(More)
Bioimaging systems with cytocompatibility, photostability, red fluorescence, and optical nonlinearity are in great demand. Herein we report such a bioimaging system. Integration of tetraphenylethene (T), triphenylamine (T), and fumaronitrile (F) units yielded adduct TTF with aggregation-induced emission (AIE). Nanodots of the AIE fluorogen with efficient(More)
Alkaline-urea aqueous solvent system provides a novel and important approach for the utilization of polysaccharide. As one of the most important polysaccharide, chitosan can be well dissolved in this solvent system, and the resultant hydrogel material possesses unique and excellent properties. Thus the sound understanding of the gelation process is(More)
The azide-alkyne click polymerization (AACP) has emerged as a powerful tool for the synthesis of functional polytriazoles. While, for the Cu(I)-catalyzed AACP, the removal of the catalytic Cu(I) species from the resulting polytriazoles is difficult, and the research on the recyclability and reusability of the catalyst remains intact. Herein, we reported the(More)
In this work, we design and synthesize a malonitrile-functionalized TPE derivative (TPE-DCV), which can react with thiol group through thiol-ene click reaction, leading to the fluorescence change of the system. Combined with the unique AIE property, TPE-DCV can selectively detect glutathione (GSH) but not cysteine or homocysteine. As the cleavage of GSSG(More)
A chiral tetraphenylethene derivative with two valine-containing attachments (TPE-DVAL), was synthesized by Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne "click" reaction. The optical properties and self-assembling behaviours of TPE-DVAL were investigated. The molecule is non-emissive and circular dichroism (CD)-silent in solution, but shows strong fluorescence and Cotton(More)
Mitochondria and mitochondrial dynamics play vital roles in health and disease. With the intricate nanometer-scale structure and rapid dynamics of mitochondria, super-resolution microscopy techniques possess great un-tapped potential to significantly contribute to understanding mitochondrial biology and kinetics. Here we present a novel mitochondrial probe(More)
Inorganic dispersion is of great importance for actual implementation of advanced properties of organic-inorganic composites. Currently, electron microscopy is the most conventional approach for observing dispersion of inorganic fillers from ultrathin sections of organic-inorganic composites at the nanoscale by professional technicians. However, direct(More)