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Tissues threatened by venous congestion often can be saved by timely leech therapy. Methods to restimulate sated leeches, particularly emergently, are only poorly described in the nineteenth-century literature. Sated leeches were purged of their blood meals by (1) posterior crop incision, (2) hypertonic saline (3 percent) immersion, (3) gentle finger(More)
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The records of 27 patients with colonic ischemia were reviewed. Twelve patients had typical reversible or transient ischemic colitis. Thirteen patients had an ischemic stricture or gangrene of the colon that required operation. Two of the patients have asymptomatic strictures of the splenic flexure and are under observation. The sigmoid colon in our series(More)
Understanding of hunter preferences for hunting lease attributes is important to landowners because such knowledge provides key information for managing and marketing fee-hunting in order to maximize revenues. Premised on this insight, we used attribute based modeling to investigate how hunter preferences for potential leases were influenced by lease and(More)
—In this paper we discuss extensions we made to our ray tracing implementation to cover a wider range of materials. In particular materials with refractive properties, and translucent materials that need a BSSRDF to be accurately rendered. We will discuss our implementation, as well as problems that we encountered, and our solutions to said problems. We(More)
On the dorsum of adult Sprague-Dawley rats, 3 x 7 cm pedicle flaps were raised and a temporary arteriovenous shunt (AVS) from anastomosis of the tail artery and vein was placed beneath. Fourteen, 21 and 28 days later, the pedicle flaps were converted to island flaps leaving only the AVS attachment. The degree of subsequent flap viability was directly(More)
Venous congestion is a constant threat in the survival of free flaps, pedicled flaps, tissue replantations and traumatized tissue. Leech therapy has proved effective in salvaging much of these compromised tissues. To be effective, leeches must be both readily available and hungry, requirements not always easily met. Our investigation seeks to establish a(More)