Ben W. Taylor

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Recent literature has claimed that inhibition of the enzyme MTH1 can eradicate cancer. MTH1 is one of the "housekeeping" enzymes that are responsible for hydrolyzing damaged nucleotides in cells and thus prevent them from being incorporated into DNA. We have developed orthogonal and chemically distinct tool compounds to those published in the literature to(More)
A total body plethysmograph is descirbed which was used to study thoracic gas volume (TGV) in infants and young children from birth to 2 1/2 years, and was suitable for use even in very sick babies. Normal TGV values were obtained in 42 studies of 35 healthy infants and young children, and 16 children with abnormal lung volume are described. TGV correlated(More)
Assistive Technology (AT) has been utilized to support people with dementia (PwD) and their carers in the home. Such support can extend the time that PwD can remain safely at home and reduce the burden on the tertiary healthcare sector. Technology can assist people in the hours of darkness as well as during the day. The objective of this literature review(More)
In infants and very young children changes in thoracic gas volume (Vtg) during tidal breathing and during intermittent positive-pressure lung inflations have been estimated from pressure changes within double-layered rubber jackets covering the thorax and abdomen. In vitro and in vivo assessments demonstrated the linearity of these jackets over the range of(More)
Indices of airflow resistance have been obtained in a group of 248 healthy London schoolchildren from recordings of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), forced expiratory volume in 0-75 seconds (FEV 0-75) and maximum mid-expiratory flow (MMEF) and two more direct methods, airways resistance (Raw) measured plethysmographyically and total respiratory resistance(More)
In a prospective study of fifty-eight newborn infants of parents with reaginic allergy, twenty-seven developed eczema and twenty-eight positive prick tests to one or more of six antigens during the first year of life. These reaginic manifestations were related to presymptomatic transient IgA deficiency. The development of positive skin tests was also(More)
The helium dilution functional residual capacity (FRC) and the total gas volume by plethysmograph (TGV) were measured on 236 healthy London schoolchildren. There was no difference between the results obtained by the boys and girls. The results of the TGV were higher than the FRC values. From the results, normal data charts have been devised for clincial use.
Measurements of FEV0-5, FEV0-75 and FEV1 and FVG have been made on 241 healthy schoolchildren using a spirometer and a reverse plethysmorgraph system. The results obtained by the two systems were very similar. The FEV0-75 was selected as the most appropriate forced expiratory volume for routine clinical use. Normal data charts for FEV0-75 and FVG are(More)
Non-embryogenic carrot suspension cells secrete the EP1 glycoprotein. A cDNA clone encoding EP1 was isolated and sequenced. The EP1 sequence revealed a region of homology with Brassica S-locus glycoprotein genes, an Arabidopsis S-like gene and putative S-like receptor protein kinases from maize and Arabidopsis. EP1 gene expression, analysed by in situ mRNA(More)
Immediate skin hypersensitivity to various inhalant allergens was present in 59% of 123 children with cystic fibrosis (CF), a much higher percentage than in the general population. This is consistent with the idea that atopy arises as a result of impaired handling of antigen at mucosal surfaces. The allergic CF children had more chest infections, a worse(More)