Ben W Greatrex

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In an attempt to discover a new synthetic vaccine adjuvant, the glycosylation of hederagenin, gypsogenin, and oleanolic acid acceptors with di- and trisaccharide donors to generate a range of mimics of natural product QS-21 was carried out. The saponins were formulated with phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol, and the structures analyzed by transmission(More)
Pd-catalysed C-C bond formation is an essential tool within the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Many of these reactions rely heavily on polar aprotic solvents; however, despite their utility, these solvents are incompatible with the drive towards more sustainable chemical synthesis. Herein, we describe the scope and limitations of an alternative(More)
The study of chemistry is central within science and other associated degrees. At the University of New England in Armidale academics need to provide chemistry teaching in both a distance and the traditional on-campus mode within science and other degrees. This study explores the contribution that the adoption of Adobe Connect technology can make to support(More)
Chiral epoxides-such as ethyl and methyl (S)-3-(oxiran-2-yl)propanoates ((S)-1a/1b)-are valuable precursors in many chemical syntheses. Until recently, these compounds were synthesized from glutamic acid in four steps (deamination, reduction, tosylation and epoxide formation) in low to moderate overall yield (20%-50%). Moreover, this procedure requires some(More)
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