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Bearing Arms for His Majesty: The Free-Colored Militia in Colonial Mexico
Introduction 1. Militia awakenings 2. The contours of duty: internal militia structure, finances and the Officer Corps 3. The contours of duty: recruitment, occupations, and marriage 4. The loathedExpand
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Afro-Latin America
In no uncertain terms, this remarkable feat of scholarship assembles, over the span of six volumes, perhaps the greatest compilation of important black historical figures. The project is a landmarkExpand
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Race and Badge: Free-Colored Soldiers in the Colonial Mexican Militia*
The question of identity has been one of considerable importance to the study of race in Latin America. Particularly for the multitude of racially mixed offspring produced by miscegenation, it hasExpand
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Introduction: African (Black) Diaspora History, Latin American History
Inspired in part by Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic paradigm, the past several years have witnessed a reinvigoration of Black Studies, with careful attention being paid to the approaches and methods ofExpand
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The Racial Profile of a Rural Mexican Province in the “Costa Chica”: Igualapa in 1791*
Late colonial Mexico possessed one of the largest free-colored populations in Spanish America, numbering around 370,000 in 1793. The colony's pardos, morenos, and mulattos were highly dispersed,Expand
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Black Mexico: Race and Society from Colonial to Modern Times
The essays in this collection build upon a series of conversations and papers that resulted from 'New Directions in North American Scholarship on Afro-Mexico', a symposium conducted at PennsylvaniaExpand
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Articulating Space: The Free-Colored Military Establishment in Colonial Mexico from the Conquest to Independence
This paper is part of Project MUSE-Scholarly journals online,The Johns Hopkins University Press in collaboration with The Milton S. Eisenhower Library.
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Afro‐Mexican History: Trends and Directions in Scholarship*
This article surveys the development of a relatively new and vibrant subfield in Latin American History, mapping out the major stages of its evolution and signaling key intellectual debates. WhileExpand
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Free Colored Voices: Issues of Representation and Racial Identity in the Colonial Mexican Militia
  • Ben Vinson
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Negro History
  • 22 September 1995
Colonial Mexico represents an important case study for deepening our understanding of black peoples and cultures in the New World. Although slavery imports never reached the levels of those in theExpand
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