Ben Stockwell

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New methods enable the identification of compounds that both induce a specific cellular state and lead to identification of proteins that regulate that state. Together, developments in three critical areas: chemical diversity, phenotype-based screening and target identification, enable the systematic application of this chemical genetic approach to almost(More)
The attribution of goal-directed behavior to observations of primate foraging and ranging requires that simpler explanations for observed behavior patterns be eliminated. Computer-generated simulations of non-goal-directed foraging behavior can be used as null models for higher complexity cognitive foraging, and can provide quantifiable data against which(More)
[rection: see text] The first regioselective alpha-deprotonation and functionalization of electron-deficient allenamines are described here. The acidities of alpha- and gamma-allenic protons of these allenamides are readily differentiated using strong bases, thereby allowing regioselective substitutions at either the alpha- or gamma-allenic position. A(More)
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