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29 P rinceton's Scalable Display Wall project explores building and using a large-format display with multiple commodity components. The prototype system has been operational since March 1998. Our goal is to construct a collaborative space that fully exploits a large-format display system with immer-sive sound and natural user interfaces. Unlike most(More)
  • Ben Shedd
  • 2003
High-resolution wall-size digital displays present significant new and different visual space to show and see imagery. The author has been working with two wall-size digital displays at Princeton University for five years and directing and producing IMAX films for a decade, and he has noted some unique design considerations for creating effective visual(More)
I pledge my honor I did not violate the Honor Code in writing my senior thesis. Abstract This paper describes the design of an Electronic Tabla controller. The Electronic Tabla (ETabla) triggers both sound and graphics simultaneously. It allows for a variety of traditional Tabla strokes and new performance techniques. Graphical feedback allows for(More)
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