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We describe a mathematics course designed for Computer Science majors in which they investigate large scale examples based in discrete mathematics. This course was developed in response to the need to strengthen the theoretical content of the Computer Science curriculum. The design of this course supports better learning and using good programming practice.
In this paper, we described an ongoing project called CS++ that aims to expanding a CS curriculum in cybersecurity with minimum requirement of additional resources by plugging open cybersecurity courseware in the existing curriculum. Each courseware unit covers a special topic of cybersecurity technology and can be plugged in one or multiple related CS(More)
This article discusses a work in progress; the design of a course taken by students early in an undergraduate degree focusing on security and assurance. The course follows a general introductory course in basic computer system concepts and an object-oriented programming course. The course discussed here covers basic command line scripting and script(More)
This note presents an assignment used in a course focusing on software security designed for CS majors. The assignment asked students to carry out various cryptographic operations using the Java programming language with the Java Cryptographic Architecture providing cryptographic functions. Several aspects of the exercise were challenging to students.
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