Ben Schwartzman

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Cyclosporin A (CsA) is a potent immunosuppressant that has many side effects, including hypertrichosis, gingival hyperplasia, and tremor. To evaluate whether there is a relationship between the CsA-pharmacokinetics (PK) and these side effects, their presence and intensity were observed in 46 renal transplanted children/adolescents during two regular visits,(More)
There has been a paucity of research on effective social interventions for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in inclusive high school settings. The literature, however, suggests that incorporating the student with ASD's special interests into activities may help improve their socialization with typical peers. Within the context of a multiple(More)
It was observed that some of the cements tested had bacteriostatic and/or bactericidal action. The cements listed in decreasing order of effectiveness are (1) zinc oxide-eugenol, (2) silicophosphate, (3) zinc phosphate, and (4) silicate. The two newer cements, polycarboxylate and composite resin, exhibited no measurable antimicrobial action.
Recontruction after surgical resection of tumors of the maxillae and paranasal sinuses is difficult. In addition to the intermittent forces encountered during function, the prosthesis is subjected to the constant force of gravity. This investigation photoelastically studies the gravity-induced stresses transmitted to the remaining oral structures by various(More)
Several removable partial denture retainers were tested on a photoelastic cast of a human maxilla that had undergone a surgical resection through the midline. The conclusions based on the results of these tests are as follows. Physiologic adjustment of all the designs tested revealed a dramatic reduction in stresses when the framework were placed into(More)
Autistic and non-autistic adults' agreement with scientific knowledge about autism, how they define autism, and their endorsement of stigmatizing conceptions of autism has not previously been examined. Using an online survey, we assessed autism knowledge and stigma among 636 adults with varied relationships to autism, including autistic people and nuclear(More)
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