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Modern processors are evolving into hybrid, heterogeneous processors with both CPU and GPU cores used for general purpose computation. Several languages such as Brook, CUDA, and more recently OpenCL are being developed to fully harness the potential of these processors. These languages typically involve the control code running on the CPU and the(More)
The GPGPU model represents a style of execution where thousands of threads execute in a data-parallel fashion, with a large subset (typically 10s to 100s) needing frequent synchronization. As the GPGPU model evolves target both GPUs and CPUs as acceleration targets, thread synchronization becomes an important problem when running on CPUs. CPUs have little(More)
Technological advances have resulted in increasing levels of on-chip functionality. Multi-core architectures pervade all levels of computing platforms, from smart phones to servers and high-performance computers. Extraction of parallelism from mainstream applications is thus even more imperative than in the past. This seminar will examine new developments(More)
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