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Diversified business groups are present in nearly all economies and dominate the private sector in most developing countries. This article seeks to add to existing theories, primarily economic and sociological, by analyzing the policies and state actions that promote and sustain business groups, and contribute to significant cross national variations among(More)
s the mid-2000s, economists in both academia and development multilaterals have drawn increasing attention to the middleincome (mI) trap, especially in southeast asia and latin america.1 Their writings have been valuable in identifying and defining the trap, in exploring its proximate sources (especially productivity slowdowns), in recommending policy(More)
SITAR, a low-cost interactive text handling and text analysis system for nontechnical users, is in many ways comparable to interactive bibliographical search and retrieval systems, but has several additional features. It is implemented on a PDP/11 time-sharing computer invoked by a CRT with microprogrammed editing functions. It uses a simple command(More)
For decades, scholars have debated the determinants of whites' attitudes about racialized policies such as welfare, busing, and affirmative action. While some have argued that whites formulate their positions rationally according to perceived economic threat, others have asserted that such policy attitudes are the function of one's level of symbolic racism,(More)
Kurt D. Ofer, Scientific Dept., Ministry of Defense, P.O.B. 7063, Tel-Aviv, Israel. A technique based upon hash coding is proposed to invert a file with an unpredictable and large vocabulary, such as natural language or computer-generated fragments of chemical structures. Each record consists of two linked lists, descriptors and references. Suggestions for(More)
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