Ben Rosenfield

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BACKGROUND Preclinical and clinical trials suggest that yohimbine may augment extinction learning without significant side effects. However, previous clinical trials have only examined adults with specific phobias. Yohimbine has not yet been investigated in the augmentation of exposure therapy for other anxiety disorders. METHODS Adults (n = 40) with a(More)
This will contain my notes on Iwasawa-Tate theory. This will be done first for number fields and simple algebras (a la Weil), giving some number theoretic results. The meat of these notes is a study of the Standard L-functions for GL(n). We extend this to arbitary simple algebras (a la Godement/Jacquet). This is a long term project. As of now, I have(More)
This is the second iteration of my notes on class field theory. I am attempting to prove (what I feel are) the the essential facts of class field theory in a way that I find attractive (bounded above by my lack of experience, time constraints, and ennui). This note is still not quite complete and can be imprecise in places. This will be straightened out as(More)
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