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BACKGROUND Methamphetamine misuse is a serious health problem of epidemic proportions. Use of this drug, particularly during pregnancy, is difficult to ascertain. Sparse information is available on gestational exposure. OBJECTIVES To quantify methamphetamine accumulation in hair, identify the use of methamphetamine with other drugs of abuse and(More)
Cocaine use during pregnancy is difficult to ascertain, and maternal reports are likely to be inaccurate. Presently, the dose-response characteristics between maternal cocaine use and fetal exposure and adverse effects are unknown. Clinically, some babies are harmed, whereas others are not adversely affected. Taking advantage of the fact that cocaine and(More)
Exposure to drugs of abuse, particularly during pregnancy, is difficult to ascertain. Presently, there is sparse information on gestational exposure and fetal effects to potentially toxic drugs such as methamphetamine (MA) and cocaine; two of the most prevalent abused stimulants in North America. The Motherisk laboratory at the Hospital for Sick Children(More)
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