Ben Q. Li

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The unique optical characteristics of a gold nanoshell motivate the application of nanoshell-based hyperthermia in drug delivery and cancer treatment. However, most of our understanding on energy absorption and heat transfer is still focused on individual particles, which may not be accurate for nanoshell aggregates in a real application due to the strong(More)
—This paper aims to address the transient phenomenon in pulsed-laser-induced heating for nanoshell-based hyperther-mia. Within the framework of dual phase lag model, the transient temperature with the relaxation behavior involved was compared with that based on Fourier's law. The temporal variation of temperature is investigated under the irradiation of(More)
—The optical spectra and near-field enhancement of a multilayered gold nanoshell were theoretically studied in this paper to explore its potential biological applications. The mathematical model was developed within the framework of multipole expansion of a multilayered concentric sphere. Results show that compared with a conventional single-layered Au–SiO(More)
Gold-nanoparticle-based hyperthermia has attracted considerable attention in the recent ten years in cancer treatment. In hyperthermia-based cancer treatment, in order to produce efficient thermal therapy yet without excessive heat damage to human body, besides the steady-state thermal condition, the transient thermal response is of vital importance. As(More)
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