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In this paper we present an account of the problems faced by a mobile robot given an incomplete tour of an unknown environment, and introduce a collection of techniques which can generate successful behaviour even in the presence of such problems. Underlying our approach is the principle that an autonomous system must be motivated to act to gather new(More)
At the LHC the CP properties of the top-quark Yukawa interaction can be probed through Higgs production in gluon fusion or in association with top quarks. We consider the possibility for both CP-even and CP-odd couplings to the top quark to be present, and study CP-sensitive observables at next-to-leading order (NLO) in QCD, including parton-shower effects.(More)
Preface The world is in the midst of a great demographic transition. The world population nearly quadrupled during the 20th century and is projected to grow by roughly 50 percent before stabilizing during the late 21st century. That transition is expected to leave the population much larger and, on average, older than it was previously—developments that(More)