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Response of endangered Poeciliopsis occidentalis sonoriensis in the Río Yaqui drainage, Arizona, to introduced Gambusia affinis
Persistence of Poeciliopsis with Gambusia in the spring pool appeared to be a result of compensatory increase in reproductive output, while in the stream it was associated with recurrent flash flooding and a uniform temperature springhead which provided refuge.
Structural Liquidity and Domestic Market Operations
The Reserve Bank is a net supplier of liquidity to the Australian financial system. This reflects demand for the Reserve Bank’s liabilities from its customers, as well as the asset allocation
Trends in the Funding and Lending Behaviour of Australian Banks
This paper describes the Australian banking system, highlighting ways in which it differs from other major banking systems. It draws together themes from previous work conducted at the Reserve Bank
Thresholds in catchment nitrogen load for shifts from seagrass to nuisance macroalgae in shallow intertidal estuaries
Eutrophication of shallow coastal ecosystems often manifests as dense mats of opportunistic macroalgae, degraded underlying sediments and displacement of ecologically important primary producers
Mud-entrained macroalgae utilise porewater and overlying water column nutrients to grow in a eutrophic intertidal estuary
Sediment porewater nutrients often occur at concentrations that are orders of magnitude higher than nutrients in overlying waters, and accordingly may subsidise growth of benthic macroalgal mats in
Assessing the Eutrophic Susceptibility of New Zealand Estuaries
We developed a method to predict the susceptibility of New Zealand estuaries to eutrophication. This method predicts macroalgae and phytoplankton responses to potential nutrient concentrations and
Developments in Banks' Funding Costs and Lending Rates
This article updates previous Reserve Bank research on changes in the composition and cost of banks' funding and the impact of these changes on lending rates (Deans and Stewart 2012). The main