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Power grids and pipeline networks at all latitudes are known to be at risk from the natural hazard of geomagnetically induced currents. At a recent workshop in South Africa, UK and South African scientists and engineers discussed the current understanding of this hazard, as it affects major power systems in Europe and Africa. They also summarised, to better(More)
The ionospheric group in South Africa has developed a number of ionospheric models, mostly of the bottomside ionosphere, used for High Frequency (HF) communications amongst other applications. In addition, the group has focused on developing empirical models for individual parameters that enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Southern African(More)
Ionospheric scintillation is measured in terms of rapid variations in the amplitude and phase of radio signals traversing the Earth’s ionosphere. Such variations negatively affect transionospheric radio communications as well as the accuracy of navigation by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS). During severe scintillations, some GPS receivers may(More)
The Global Positioning System (GPS) makes it possible to study the dynamics of the ionosphere by supplementing ionospheric studies carried out using various techniques including ionosondes, incoherent scatter radars and low earth orbit satellites. Total electron content derived from GPS data (GPS TEC) is a key parameter characterising the ionosphere. Its(More)
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