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We present the design and evaluation of a technique for influencing user respiration by integrating respiration-pacing methods into the desktop operating system in a peripheral manner. Peripheral paced respiration differs from prior techniques in that it does not require the user's full attention. We conducted a within-subjects study to evaluate the(More)
Low-load blood flow restricted (BFR) exercise represents a novel method of rehabilitative exercise, however, little is known about variables that may influence the acute physiological response to BFR exercise prescription. This study explored the muscular, metabolic, cardiovascular, and perceptual responses to acute blood flow restricted exercise and(More)
Video games and music have influenced each other since the beginning of the consumer video game era. In particular the “chiptune” genre of music uses sounds from 8-bit video games; these sounds have even found their way into contemporary popular music. However, in this genre, game sounds are arranged using conventional musical interfaces, meaning the games(More)
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