Ben McCarthy

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The NEMO Basic Support (NEMO BS) protocol provides a technique for enabling entire networks of IPv6 hosts to gain Internet access and remain reachable via constant, unaltered addresses whilst their underlying location in the Internet changes. In addition to individual hosts, this NEMO model also supports entire mobile networks connecting to other mobile(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) routing protocols have been the focus of an accomplished research effort for many years within the networking community and now the results of this effort are beginning to show. With protocol development maturing (and now typically concentrating on a smaller number of standardised routing protocols), increasing numbers of(More)
In this paper we present BurstProbe, a new technique to accurately measure link burstiness in a wireless sensor network employed for time-critical data delivery. Measurement relies on shared probing slots that are embedded in the transmission schedule and used by nodes to assess link burstiness over time. The acquired link burstiness information can be(More)
Using data collected from three UK operators (O2, Orange and Vodafone) this paper incorporates population density, providerclaimed accuracy, achieved-accuracy as determined using a reference network and base station parameters to form an extremely comprehensive empirical study of currently deployed cellular network-based positioning technologies in the UK.(More)
Network mobility is an established topic of research which has the potential capability to support many valuable scenarios. Specifically, the ability to support the mobility of entire networks of IP enabled devices that are oblivious to the changing network conditions beneath them is particularly useful to numerous scenarios such as vehicle based networks(More)
The GINSENG project develops performance-controlled wireless sensor networks that can be used for time-critical applications in hostile environments such as industrial plant automation and control. GINSENG aims at integrating wireless sensor networks with existing enterprise resource management solutions using a middleware. A cornerstone is the evaluation(More)
The integration of MANET and NEMO technologies to produce what are commonly termed MANEMO solutions is a burgeoning concept that has the possibility to provide IP connectivity across many diverse problem areas. However, even in research terms MANEMO is in a very early stage of development and consequently no standardised understanding of what MANEMO(More)
The NEMO Basic Support protocol is a Home Agent based technique (derived from Mobile IPv6) that permits the mobility of a network of IPv6 devices to be supported through the use of a dedicated Mobile Router. This NEMO Mobile Router accepts connections from IPv6 nodes and transparently manages any IP mobility on their behalf, which means that as well as(More)