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BACKGROUND A complicated form of recessive hereditary spastic paraplegias (HSPs) with thin corpus callosum (TCC) was first described in Japan, and most of the Japanese families showed linkage to chromosome 15q13-15. A recessive HSP locus (SPG11) has also been mapped to chromosome 15q13-15 in Italian and North American families with and without TCC, and it(More)
Cyber security is an area of strategic and policy interest to governments and enterprises globally, which results in an increase in the demand for cyber security professionals. However, there is a lack of education based on sound theories, standards and practices. In this paper, we adapted the Situational Crime Prevention Theory and the NICE National(More)
Keywords: Digital forensics Private cloud SaaS Storage as a service StaaS Cloud forensics Cloud storage forensics Open source cloud a b s t r a c t The storage as a service (StaaS) cloud computing architecture is showing significant growth as users adopt the capability to store data in the cloud environment across a range of devices. Cloud (storage)(More)
Android devices continue to grow in popularity and capability meaning the need for a forensically sound evidence collection methodology for these devices also increases. This chapter proposes a methodology for evidence collection and analysis for Android devices that is, as far as practical, device agnostic. Android devices may contain a significant amount(More)
Using the evidence collection and analysis methodology for Android devices proposed by Martini, Do and Choo (2015), we examined and analyzed seven popular Android cloud-based apps. Firstly, we analyzed each app in order to see what information could be obtained from their private app storage and SD card directories. We collated the information and used it(More)
As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, there is a growing need for forensic investigations involving cloud technologies. The field of cloud forensics seeks to address the challenges to digital forensics presented by cloud technologies. This article reviews current research in the field of cloud forensics, with a focus on "forensics in the cloud"- that(More)
The authors report on a family with dominantly inherited progressive external ophthalmoplegia and a diagnostic and statistical manual (fourth revised edition) diagnosis of bipolar psychiatric disorder in several members. Skeletal muscle biopsy from the proposita showed decreased cytochrome c oxidase staining, several ragged-red fibers, and multiple mtDNA(More)