Ben M Deheshi

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The local control of desmoid tumors constitutes a continuing treatment dilemma due to its high recurrence rates. The purpose of this systematic review was to critically examine the current treatment of these rare tumors and to specifically evaluate the local failure and response rates of surgery, radiation and systemic therapy. We comprehensively searched(More)
INTRODUCTION Limb salvage with endoprosthetic reconstruction is the standard of care for the management of lower-extremity bone tumours in skeletally mature patients. The risk of deep postoperative infection in these procedures is high and the outcomes can be devastating. The most effective prophylactic antibiotic regimen remains unknown, and current(More)
Various chemicals are commonly used as adjuvant treatment to surgery for giant-cell tumour (GCT) of bone. The comparative effect of these solutions on the cells of GCT is not known. In this study we evaluated the cytotoxic effect of sterile water, 95% ethanol, 5% phenol, 3% hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) and 50% zinc chloride (ZnCI(2)) on GCT monolayer tumour(More)
Synovial chondromatosis is a rare benign disorder characterized by chondroid metaplasia with multinodular proliferation of the synovial lining of a diarthroidal joint, bursa, or tendon sheath. These cartilaginous nodules may become embedded within the proliferating synovium and may extend into the surrounding soft tissues. They also can detach from the(More)
Pathological fractures of the humerus are associated with pain, morbidity, loss of function and a diminished quality of life. We report our experience of stabilising these fractures using polymethylmethacrylate and non-locking plates. We undertook a retrospective review over 20 years of patients treated at a tertiary musculoskeletal oncology centre. Those(More)
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