Ben Lund

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  • Yuri Niyazov, Carl Vogel, Richard Price, Ben Lund, David Judd, Adnan Akil +3 others
  • 2016
Using matching and regression analyses, we measure the difference in citations between articles posted to and other articles from similar journals, controlling for field, impact factor, and other variables. Based on a sample size of 31,216 papers, we find that a paper in a median impact factor journal uploaded to receives 16% more(More)
A new seismic reflection survey for imaging deeper levels of the end-glacial Pärvie fault system in northern Sweden was acquired in June 2014. The Pärvie fault system hosts the largest fault scarp so far documented in northern Scandinavia, both in terms of its length and calculated magnitude of the earthquake that generated it. Present-day microearthquakes(More)
We define the bisector energy E(P) of a set P in R 2 to be the number of quadruples (a, b, c, d) ∈ P 4 such that a, b determine the same perpendicular bisector as c, d. Equivalently, E(P) is the number of isosceles trapezoids determined by P. We prove that if no line or circle contains M (n) points of an n-point set P, then for any ε > 0 we have
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