Ben Loh

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Scientific inquiry in complex data-rich environments is a goal of much educational reform, but students require supports to manage the complexity of such investigations. We propose an approach to providing this support by making the processes and products of an investigation into explicit objects for reflection. We describe design research exploring ways to(More)
A great deal of effort has gone into developing open-ended inquiry activities for science education as well as complex computer tools for accessing scientific data to help students learn science. To be successful with these tools and activities , students need to learn a set of inquiry skills and to develop a new mode of classroom work reflective inquiry.(More)
This paper explores the role of technologies in supporting informal science learning from seven perspectives. Together, the authors ask a common question: How can learning technologies—tools, spaces, and places—be designed to support learners within and across environments? Eight exemplars are offered to answer this question through an analysis of a(More)
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