Ben Liu

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The optical chirality induced at the absorption bands due to electronic exciton coupling of the transition dipole moments between chromophores in close proximity is ubiquitous in helical organic materials. However, inorganic materials with optical activity resulting from electronic transitions have not been explored. Here we report the synthesis of chiral(More)
Nanosized noble metal catalysts supported on high-surface-area support are of great importance for numerous industrial chemical processes to mediate reaction pathways in heterogeneous catalysis. Control of surface area and surface energy of nanocatalysts is a key to achieving high activity and selectivity for desired products. In the past decade, new(More)
This thesis studies radiation-induced mixing at interfaces between low solubility metals using molecular dynamics (MD) computer simulations. It provides original contributions on the fundamental mechanisms of radiation-induced mixing and morphological stability of multilayer nanocomposites under heavy ion or neutron radiation. An embedded atom method (EAM)(More)
The circularly polarized reflection of nature is due to their distinct azimuthally twisted or helical character in the nanostructure of the surface films. Although many chiral inorganic powders have been successfully synthesised, the artificial synthesis of chiral inorganic films is rare. Herein, we reported a facile synthetic route for the growth of(More)
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