Ben Liu

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In this paper we present an approach to derive User Interface (UI) from ontologies. It automatically generates UI according to declarative model specifications, and the UI helps a novice user to construct valid queries against a Knowledge Base (KB). The UI represents queries by OWL, and then transfers them to concrete applications for match-making. A novel(More)
When assigning technological articles as the collaborative writing task, students may find that the available knowledge repositories leave little room for them to contribute and therefore write nothing. To provide guidelines for students to discover topics, as well as tools to practice problem solving skills, we integrated a computer assisted assessment(More)
—Digital watermarking has been widely used in copyright protection for digital images, but most of the watermarking algorithm can't resist print-and-scan process. Print-and-scan attack is a challenging problem for most of digital watermarks. A watermarking algorithm against print-and-scan attack based on PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) is proposed in this(More)
Information technology has already been applied in the press industry. But information can't be shared in the press industry chain. In order to solve isolated information island, this paper presents a grid_based infrastructure which adopts the Semantic Web and the Grid. One character of the infrastructure is that ontologies realize semantic information and(More)
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