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A software package has been developed, allowing to visualise simultaneously several data-sets in real-time without the need of special graphic hardware. This is achieved by combining DirectX routines together with methods like CLOD, culling, indicated triangles, ROAM, Quad tree, GeoMorphing and Geo-Mipmapping. This has been done within the framework of the(More)
The city of Rio de Janeiro, with more than 5 million inhabitants, has two big mountains in its centre with natural Atlantic rain forest. The growth of the city around these two mountains puts pressure on this forest. This endangers the remaining Atlantic forest (one of the most endangered forest types of the world) and also causes landslides and mud flows.(More)
Detailed geo-referenced information on the distribution and occurrence of forest and non-forest vegetation is essential for many different disciplines e.g. forestry, nature conservation, agriculture, landscaping and urban planning. This article presents a digital image processing procedure for automated delineation and classification of forest and(More)
In material handing operations, raw materials are often stacked in a number of layers and subsequently reclaimed by benches. The quality grade may be different between layers. Also, the blending effect happens simultaneously with the stacking and reclaiming operations, how to meet the target grade required by the customers while lowering operation costs are(More)
The delivery of a relatively constant quality grade of iron ore is crucial to Australia mining. As a buffer, blending and target grading system, stockpile plays a key role in the iron ore quality control. However, the shape of the stockpile, the quantity housed within the stockpile and the quality grade inside the stockpile are currently unavailable to(More)
It has been put forward that the existence of a non-Gaussian fixed point in general relativity might cure the ultraviolet problems of this theory in a quantum description. Such a fixed point is connected to an effective running of the gravitational coupling. We calculate the effect of such an effective coupling on the black hole production cross-section in(More)
Bucket Wheel Reclaimers (BWRs) normally travel on a rail among stockpiles to perform stacking and reclaiming operations. Currently, the position accuracy of the bucket wheel at the end of boom measured by the onboard encoder system is limited to 30cm. To maintain such accuracy, calibrated points have to be placed along the rail, which is inefficient and(More)
This paper describes a 3D stockpile modelling algorithm to improve quality control and increase operational efficiency in iron ore handling. The 3D model, generated from real measuring data, approximates a stockpile using a group of 3D volumetric element, which able to store information inside it, such as quality compositions of the ore. By associating this(More)
The effects of classical gravitational radiation in models with large extra dimensions are investigated for ultra high energy cosmic rays (CRs). The cross sections are implemented into a simulation package (SENECA) for high energy hadron induced CR air showers. We predict that gravitational radiation from quasi-elastic scattering could be observed at(More)