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Two studies were completed to test whether responding to hypnotic suggestions requires intentional effort. Hypnotic suggestions for amnesia were used as an analog of thought suppression, and Wegner's model of ironic processing was applied to hypnotic responding. In the first study, participants were required to maintain suggested amnesia while performing a(More)
Facial expression recognition was investigated in 20 males with high functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger syndrome (AS), compared to typically developing individuals matched for chronological age (TD CA group) and verbal and non-verbal ability (TD V/NV group). This was the first study to employ a visual search, ‘‘face in the crowd’’ paradigm with a HFA/AS(More)
Hypnotic responsiveness may depend upon the ability to inhibit the irrelevant stimuli that evoke responses that are incompatible with current goals (or the mapping between an irrelevant/disruptive stimulus and its response) in order to actively maintain task-relevant information. In a simple correlation design, the authors investigated the relationship(More)
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