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Hair follicles are spaced apart from one another at regular intervals through the skin. Although follicles are predominantly epidermal structures, classical tissue recombination experiments indicated that the underlying dermis defines their location during development. Although many molecules involved in hair follicle formation have been identified, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of communication skills training on physiotherapists' supportive behavior during clinical practice. DESIGN Randomized trial. SETTING Hospital outpatient physiotherapy clinics. PARTICIPANTS Physiotherapists (N=24) and patients (N=24) with chronic low back pain. INTERVENTIONS Two hospital clinics were randomly assigned(More)
TO THE EDITOR Human and rodent LCE gene clusters are located on the epidermal differentiation complexes (EDC; 1q21 in human , 3F2.1 in mouse and 2q34 in rat) and encode multiple small genes with similarities, particularly over their N-terminal region, to small proline-rich proteins. Many LCE genes contain the glycine–serine–cysteine-rich motif typical of(More)
RhoA is a small guanosine-5'-triphosphatase (GTPase) suggested to be essential for cytokinesis, stress fiber formation, and epithelial cell-cell contacts. In skin, loss of RhoA was suggested to underlie pemphigus skin blistering. To analyze RhoA function in vivo, we generated mice with a keratinocyte-restricted deletion of the RhoA gene. Despite a severe(More)
We examined the rates of infection and colonisation by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) between January 2003 and May 2004 in order to assess the impact of the introduction of an MRSA policy in October 2003, which required all admissions to be screened. Emergency admissions were treated prophylactically and elective beds ring-fenced. A(More)
OBJECTIVE Physical education (PE) programs aim to promote physical activity (PA) and reach most school-aged youth. However, PA levels within PE lessons are often low. In this cluster-randomized controlled trial, we examined the effects of three self-determination theory-based motivational strategies on PA and sedentary behavior, as well as their(More)
Breast and gynecological cancer-associated antigens RAK p120, p42 and p25 exhibit molecular, immunological and genetic homology to HIV-1 proteins. Normal tissues, including the majority of tissues adjacent to cancer, do not express these unique cancer markers. Antigens RAK are now detected in 100% of prostate cancer and in the majority of prostate benign(More)
Although researchers have experimentally examined the mechanisms underlying pressure-induced forms of suboptimal performance, or "choking under pressure," there is a lack of research exploring the personal experience of this phenomenon. In an attempt to fill this void in the literature, this study explored experienced golfers' perceptions of the choking(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to examine motivational correlates of mentally tough behaviours among adolescent tennis players. DESIGN Two-phase study, involving the development of an informant-rated measure of mentally tough behaviours, followed by a cross-sectional survey including athlete and parent assessments of study variables. METHODS(More)
While we agree that personal financial incentives (PFIs) may have some utility in public health interventions to motivate people in the uptake and persistence of health behaviour, we disagree with some of the sentiments outlined by Lynagh et al. (Int J Behav Med 20:114-120, 2012). Specifically, we feel that the article gives a much stronger impression that(More)