Ben J. A. Hulshof

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The POOMA operating system, together with the POOL-X compiler, is responsible for the execution on the POOMA hardware of parallel programs written in the parallel object oriented language POOL-X. This article contains two parts, firstly it gives an overview of most of the facilities which are offered by the POOMA operating system, and secondly relevant(More)
An overview is given of ESPRIT project 415, which involved the study of object-oriented, functional, and logic programming styles in six subprojects. The parallel languages and architectures designed to implement them are described, and the technology of the object-oriented approach pursued by the authors' team is examined. Their design includes a novel(More)
NETFORM is a very powerful and flexible tool for solving (sparse) systems of linear equations in algebraic form. The system includes convenient facilities to generate (and solve) linear equations for electrical networks.The accompanying Code Optimizer is a general purpose tool to automatically optimize sets of algebraic expressions, with emphasis on those(More)
The design of a large database management system on top of an object-oriented platform which is implemented on a tightly coupled multiprocessor system requires a large number of design decisions. There exist no methodology to evaluate the consequences and compare the differences between them. Looking into experimental methodology in physics we find a lot of(More)