Ben Howell

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Genetic mosaics offer an excellent opportunity to analyze complex gene functions. Chimeras consisting of mutant and wild-type cells provide not only the avenue for lineage-specific gene rescue but can also distinguish cell-autonomous from non-cell-autonomous gene functions. Using an independent genetic marker for wild-type cells, we constructed Dab1(+/+)(More)
The ORCA-VIII is a fully autonomous submarine built to compete in the 2005 International AUV Competition. The ORCA-VIII is 1.27 m long, 0.711 m wide, 0.457 m deep, and masses approximately 45 kg. The vehicle is propelled by a pair of horizontal thrusters mounted on the sides and a pair of vertical thrusters on the bow and stern. Autonomous navigation is(More)
The concept of aligning and managing digital assets is a reaction to the evolution of digital production and digital networks. The understanding of this evolution is rooted in experiences in library and museum communities, the digital solutions and design disciplines, the communications and entertainment industries, and law. Aligning and managing digital(More)
For individuals with high degrees of motor disability or locked-in syndrome, it is impractical or impossible to use mechanical switches to interact with electronic devices. Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) can use motor imagery to detect interaction intention from users but lack the accuracy of mechanical switches. Hence, there exists a strong need to(More)
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