Ben Harman

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The c-Myb transcription factor is expressed in immature haemopoietic cells and at key stages during differentiation. Loss of the c-myb gene results in embryonic lethality because mature blood cells fail to develop, although commitment to definitive haemopoiesis occurs. We have generated a knockdown allele of c-myb, expressing low levels of the protein,(More)
The main goal of this study was to control the fouling phenomena in MBR using chemical additives. In the first phase of the study, SMP removal and bound EPS formation capacity of chemical additives were determined. Highest SMP removal (72%) was achieved by the Poly-2 additive. In the second phase of the study, short term filtration tests were conducted.(More)
The main objective of this work was to investigate the effectiveness of ceramic ultrafiltration (UF) membranes with different pore sizes in removing natural organic matter (NOM) from model solutions and drinking water sources. A lab-scale, cross-flow ceramic membrane test unit was used in all experiments. Two different single-channel tubular ceramic(More)
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