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Exposure to chronic hypoxia (CH) induces elevated pulmonary artery pressure/resistance, leading to an eventual maladaptive right ventricular hypertrophy (RVH). Muscle RING finger-1 (MuRF1) is a muscle-specific ubiquitin ligase that mediates myocyte atrophy and has been shown to play a role in left ventricular hypertrophy and altered cardiac bioenergetics in(More)
our long-lived mice are slightly larger and consume about the same or slightly more food than the short-lived controls. Indeed, long-lived systemic Irs2 +/− mice are more insulin sensitive and glucose tolerant than WT mice; however, long-lived brain-specific bIrs2 +/− and bIrs2 −/− mice are insulin resistant, hyperinsuli-nemic, and glucose intolerant. The(More)
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