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The effects of an auditory model on the learning of relative and absolute timing were examined. In 2 experiments, participants attempted to learn to produce a 1,000- or 1,600-ms sequence of 5 key presses with a specific relative-timing pattern. In each experiment, participants were, or were not, provided an auditory model that consisted of a series of tones(More)
The term noncontingent reinforcement (NCR) refers to the delivery of an aberrant behavior's known reinforcer on a response-independent basis. The typical result is a decrease in responding from baseline (i.e., reinforcement) levels. NCR has become one of the most reported function-based treatments for aberrant behavior in the recent literature. The purpose(More)
These brief reflections from 4 University of Cape Town (UCT) medical graduates who chose to make their careers in rural practice are written in narrative style to try to capture something of the lived experience of working in rural areas. Although still the career choice of a minority of UCT graduates, those who have chosen to practise in rural areas have(More)
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