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Bacillus anthracis Sterne cured of the pXO1 plasmid had enhanced secreted protease activity during the postexponential phase but no change in hemolytic or lecithinase activities. A zymogen profile revealed at least six proteases, including serine, metal, and perhaps cysteine types. There were similar amounts of protease secreted by the closely related(More)
A direct binding screen of 100 000 sp(3)-rich molecules identified a single diastereomer of a macrolactam core that binds specifically to myeloid cell leukemia 1 (MCL1). A comprehensive toolbox of biophysical methods was applied to validate the original hit and subsequent analogues and also established a binding mode competitive with NOXA BH3 peptide. X-ray(More)
Crystallization of a maltose-binding protein MCL1 fusion has yielded a robust crystallography platform that generated the first apo MCL1 crystal structure, as well as five ligand-bound structures. The ability to obtain fragment-bound structures advances structure-based drug design efforts that, despite considerable effort, had previously been intractable by(More)
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